Our Goals: Promote strong family bonds,
fellowship, relaxation, creativity, rest and fun.

We encourage families to spend quality time together by retreating from their busy
routine and allowing God to speak to their hearts.

Bond together as a family while you enjoy the blessings  of  life  in  this  beautiful  
mountain  resort community.

Reserve  your days at The Josephson Retreat House to nourish your body and spirit.  
Come to enjoy the serenity of the mountain and tranquility of the lake and relax in our
surroundings without any agenda whatsoever.
Contact Information:
Michelle:  michelle@edajose.com,    951-888-6080 (cell)
Ernie:      ernie@edajose.com,    
     951-313-4984 (cell)
The Josephson Retreat House
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If today you should hear his voice, harden not your hearts.  Heb 4:7
Lake Arrowhead, California, U.S.A.